How I manage Summer Mondays


Weekends, specifically in the summer, are really hard to come off of. Getting back into the swing of work on Mondays is my least favorite part of the week.

I spend the summers out on Eastern Long Island. It's really fun being out here because we have a plethora of supplies from parties over the years. It's always inspiring to spruce up dinner, lunch, any meal really. I meals when no one is home....and then eat it all by myself. Gulp.


We take on an unrealistic amount of work and it's hard to find time to get it all done. Being the OCD, Type A, workaholic that I am, I demand organization in my life. I make lists, notes and I use any and all apps that help to make my life easier.


Monday mornings require getting back into work AND keeping the household up to speed. Groceries. Laundry. Do we need more sunblock? We're out of orange juice. I need a manicure.


When making note of all the items I need to shop for, I pull up the My Walgreens mobile app to check out what coupons are available in the Weekly Ad. I always take advantage and clip coupons for my favorite brands, such as Essie nail polish (you can never have too many, right?) and sunblock to refill the kids camp bags.


Going back to work doesn't feel half as bad when you plan it out beforehand. That's what Sunday nights, tv and popcorn are for. What's even better is it leaves me more time to enjoy my family when the week day is over.


Thanks to Walgreens for introducing us to their incredibly helpful #MyWalgreensApp and sponsoring this post. You can download the My Walgreens mobile app here