How to save the day with a Shower in a box!

So you have a zillion things going on, per usual...your kids are being carpooled in 27 different directions, your family generates more laundry than a frat house and dinner has arrived in a pizza box or styrofoam container for the past 3 nights. We get it - there aren't enough hours in the day.  Suddenly you glance at the calendar "Is cousin Amy's Bridal shower really here in less than two weeks?" Oh boy. Why did you volunteer to host again? This moment of realization would normally be any woman's breaking point.  Before you bust out the heavy artillery (i.e. wine and/or vodka), think back to that cool and chic Party Box idea you saw in last months Bride's Magazine. You quickly scour the internet and BOOM - there it is!! Little Miss Shower in a Box. Done. Sold. Genius. Now, back to the vodka. Our mission is to take the stress out of entertaining. With one click of a button you will send a complete box of party supplies directly to your doorstep. And the creme de la creme is the Party Blueprint we include. This 44 page booklet will guide you through the entire shower setup, start to finish. We even give you shopping lists, recipes, and LMP styling tips. It truly could't be easier. Top image by Raquel Langworthy of Untamed Studios. Remaining images by Diane Hu of Diane Hu Photography.