Beautini and Cranberry Rosemary Spritzer

We at LMP love any excuse to get all dolled up.  A few weeks ago, we had very special photo shoot planned to help us get ready for something very exciting we have been working on... I can't reveal any details yet, but stay tuned!

Anyway, Seri, Michelle and I wanted to make sure that we looked and felt special for this shoot, so we decided to call up my friend Brittany and try out her fabulous company, Beautini, to get us camera-ready and feeling amazing.

Beautini is an on-the-go beauty services company based in New York City, which Brittany launched in March of 2015.  She and her team of makeup and hair professionals will come to your home or office and do your makeup and hair exactly how you would like! They also offer makeup parties, for which the Beautini team will come and do hair and makeup for you and a group of your friends.  Brittany told me that Beautini's most popular type of makeup party that they offer is one for Bridal parties, for which they will come to a brides home or bridal suite equipped with complimentary breakfast and lattes, and all of their supplies, and will get everyone ready to go for the big day! How cool is that? You can check out a whole list of the awesome services that Beautini offers here.

When Brittany and her fellow Beautini team mate came to Seri's apartment the morning of the shoot, they brought a rolling suitcase full of makeup and hair supplies, super comfy purple silk robes for us to wear while they worked their magic, and mini bottles of pink champagne for each of us! They got to work straight away, and were super nice and fun to talk to throughout the whole process.  And they did a pretty amazing job at making us look and feel amazing.  Take a look at Seri and Michelle..... HOLY MOLY!

And here is mine... I felt like a million bucks and made Seri take some head shots of me since I'm pretty sure I may never look this put together again!

Back to the champagne that they brought us... How cute is this guy?!

When Brittany handed me this cute little custom bottle, I knew that I had to use it to make a special cocktail, so I used my will power and saved it.  I came up with the idea for a delicious and simple Cranberry Rosemary Spritzer.

Here is what you need: -Sparkling wine or champagne -Cranberry soda (I used Izze's) -sprigs of Rosemary

Here is what to do: 1) Fill your the bottom of your champagne glass with the cranberry soda.

2) Add a sprig of Rosemary to each glass.

3) Fill the rest of your glass with champagne, as much or as little as you want.

That's it! Super simple and refreshing.  And perfect for serving at any Holiday parties you may have coming up.

Thank you so much to Brittany and the Beautini team for the champagne, and for making us look and feel so gorgeous.  We can't wait to work with you guys again!