I miss my Pirate room in Legoland


A few months ago Adam says "Let's take a trip for Easter". I said, GREAT! Where should we go? "How about Legoland!" says Adam.

Hmmmmmm. That's not what I was thinking.

You see, I'm not really a theme park person. Correction. I detest theme parks and everything about them.



I schlep my kids all over the place. And our trips are never really geared towards them. I am always trying to get in beach time or go to places to visit my friends!


I thought, Ok. Let's do this. Let's do it for the little guys!




I really enjoyed it.  I mean really. Don't get me wrong there were some dark moments with the kids and their sometimes lack of gratitude (I know it's not their fault but it still blows), some touchy moments where I saw some inappropriate behavior by other parents and some very poor eating habits that Michelle Obama would not have approved.


We booked a room in the Legoland hotel which was 100% lego themed. Talk about a genius design. Whoever thought of this place, Bravo. The level of detail was uncanny. Almost everything was made out of lego. AND...it's a pretty new hotel...so it was VERY new and clean. Just how I like it.


We reserved a pirate room. Each floor is themed with pirates, princesses, knights. You choose upon booking.

When the boys walked in, they didn't know which way to turn first. Honestly? Neither did I. And with every new sight, there was a squeal. It was so cute it was heart wrenching!


When it came to the food, it was garbage. And I mean garbage. Fried potatoes, fried chicken, ice cream and juice. But obviously you're not going to this place for the food. Though I wish I was. And it's a shame. They need a famous chef in there and then BOOM you'd have heaven on earth.

At any rate, you get past the crap food pretty quickly and just embrace it because your kids are having a blast which means they are out of your hair.


So now comes the park. Oh, the park.

This is where the specials come out to play. And I don't mean the kids...I mean those special parents out there...

Let's not get into it.

Let's just say....the kids were AH-mazing at the park. Walked all day, minimal whining, tons of fun. Gavin went on 10+ roller coaster rides, Luke made friends with every human who looked at him and Adam and I got to watch them smile all day long. I have to say, it was pretty satisfying.


Now let me highlight a few of the details that really impressed me about this place...

1.) Everywhere you ate, there were Legos to play with but designed in a way that was strategically educational without the kids knowing. For example the restaurants in the main hotel (there were two of them, one was a buffet, the other had a bar) were separated by a giant plastic lego castle that the kids could play in. And there were pits of legos everywhere. So the adults could sit back and have cocktails while they just watch the kids play.


2.) In the park all of the benches were made with recycled jugs. I thought this was the coolest thing ever as did the kids. They pointed it out at almost every bench we walked by.


3.) There were safety and recycling signs EVERYWHERE. Always sending the message.

4.) The most amazing things were made out of Lego. EVERYWHERE. Truly in the most brilliant ways you could think of. Like...um...this car....!!


5.) The Lego themed rides were incredible.


6.) The Water Park was awesome and full of activities for ALL ages. Oh...and they serve WINE at the Water Park BAR!


7.) There is an incredible water ski pirate show that runs 3 times a day AND a 4D movie that runs every hour.

8.) Every evening there was entertainment for the children. PJ Parties, dancing and building contests. I sat back and sipped on wine. Again.


9.) They offer Master Builder classes for the kids were are VERY SERIOUS.  Great discipline for the kids.

10.) My absolute absolute favorite part of this hotel was the elevators. They play typical elevator music when you walk in and when the doors close it transforms into a disco with strobe lights and beats. Un.Real.

Overall, I highly recommend Legoland as a family getaway. And this is coming from a gal who is very judge-y, snobby when traveling and who had to run out to buy a $17 pair of flats because I just didn't feel cool enough in running shoes.


So am I theme park enthusiast now? Absolutely not. I still have no interest in going to Disney but Legoland was certainly the right choice for our family and worth the trip.

For more on Legoland in Orlando, Florida you can click here.

This post was not sponsored. All photos are my own.