Kid and Adult-Friendly Cocktails for Passover

In case you missed it, last week I made Haman-tini's for Purim and talked all about how I am becoming an honorary Jew through my work at LMP!

This week, it's time for a Passover cocktail.  Since Passover celebrations are family-focused, I decided to make a kid-friendly, alcohol-free cocktail in addition to the typical adult cocktail.  I decided on white grape sangria for the kids and simple manischewitz and vodka mixers for the adults!

KID'S WHITE GRAPE SANGRIA Here's what you'll need:

-white grape juice -club soda -frozen grapes cut in half (we used red & white) -apples cut into slices -grape pop rocks to rim glasses -carafe

Here's what to do:

1) Take your chopped fruit and add to your carafe.

2) Pour 4 cups white grape juice on top of fruit in carafe.  Then, pour 2 cups club soda into carafe on top of white grape juice and fruit. Stir with a spoon or cocktail stirrer.

3) Cover carafe and place in fridge to chill for 1 hour. 4) After one hour, remove from fridge, remove plastic wrap and stir again. 5) Take 2 packets of pop rocks and empty onto a flat plate. Wet the rim of your cocktail glasses using a grape.

6) Place wetted rim of your glass on plate of pop rocks to line the rim.

7) Pour sangria into newly-rimmed glass.  You may have to use a spoon to get fruit slices into each glass.

ADULT MANISCHEWITZ AND VODKA Here's what you'll need: -bottle of manischewitz -bottle of your favorite vodka -frozen grapes (we used green & red) -cocktail skewers

Here's what to do: 1) Take your cocktail skewers and stick 2-4 grapes on each.

2) Pour 2 oz or manischewitz in each cocktail glass. Add 1 oz of vodka to each glass.

3) Add a grape skewer to each drink for garnish.  You can use the skewers to blend your drink as well!

And there you go! If you find your drink to be a bit too sweet, you can use some club soda to dilute and add some bubbles.

These drinks are a great duo to serve at you Passover get-together.  They are very simple to make, and quite delicious. The pop rocks lining the rim of the sangria glass is a fun little extra that the kids will LOVE.

We hope you enjoy... Happy Passover!