Introducing.... The Summer Chic Party in a Box


When we were planning out our new boxes for this summer we really wanted to create a birthday box that was good for all ages & of course super chic. And thats how we came up with the…. Summer chic party in a box!


To create this assortment we invested in a few new pieces we knew you guys would love.


Starting with these modern pastel lunch plates. How cute are these? They can really work with so many themes and party ideas.


We also added in these wildflower cups because it wouldn’t be an LMP party without flowers in the mix!


Then theres these Happy Birthday cocktail napkins. Great for all ages, and if you don’t use them all at once, you can totally save them and use them for another party! It really matches with anything.


Some classics from our party supply shop that are included in this box are the terrazzo lunch napkin, star dessert plates, glitter cutlery, gold foil straws, and of course our favorite balloons.


To complete the assortment we added in this fun birthday banner.


We hope you guys love this fun seasonal birthday box as much as we do! Head over to our shop today to get yours!