Pie in the Sky

Pumpkin pie1
Pumpkin pie3
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We have a lot of pumpkins hanging around our house these days. I was inspired by this to make pumpkin pie... I immediately began dreaming of homemade pie with fresh roasted pumpkin. Carving those suckers up with my little guys, roasting the seeds and baking off the flesh. Sounds lovely doesn't it? Well guess what? I never found the time! I can hardly find time to eat on a daily basis, let alone cook a homemade pie. So...I took some help from: A. Whole Foods and B. My incredible babysitter and now as I like to call her Pumpkin Pie stylist, Erin. Erin who has her hands full with lil man Luke took some help from the store with a frozen pie crust and canned pumpkin puree. The beauty of pumpkin pie is you can make the whole thing off of a recipe on a can. Yes! It's so easy. With a few simple ingredients from your pantry you'll have the yummiest smelling house in no time. I of course add a large dollop of whip cream...and enjoyed my pie in the sky! Out on my deck on a perfectly crisp, sunny, fall day.