Batman + Superman Turn Five, Forty-two

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When a five year old kid has a clear vision of what he wants his birthday party to be you cannot help but make sure you follow through and go all out. This summer Gavin started gearing up for his birthday very early as he was often conversing with his best friend, Mazzy's Dad, Mike about their birthdays falling on the same day. All summer long Gavin would tell Mike - we're going to have a superhero bowling party, together. Mike always agreed. And here we are today. Was the biggest blast. Celebrating a 5 year old boy and 42 year old man. We had the party in the private room at Lucky Strikes. You don't understand. PERFECTION. The space was huge, the staff was insanely accommodating and helpful with getting the kids bowling, the food was awesome and the drinks were flowing. As requested by Gavin...and being so close to Halloween....the dress code was: Mandatory SuperHero. One of my favorite parts of this party were the costumes. It warmed my heart to see how everyone took this so seriously in honor of their little pal, Gavin. It was also pretty fabulous to see friends taking a break, sitting back and enjoying a sip of wine, with their kids. What was truly amazing about this party was sharing it with such close friends. As you go through life you make friends while growing up, at school, camp, university and through your kids. Since we had Gavin we have made new friends who will surely be in our lives forever. Now to put together the special details for this party I worked with our friends over at Minted on custom designs for our superheroes of the hour. The colors were spot on and the designs were awesome!! The photo backdrop was Gavin's idea. This was one of the details he spent a lot of time talking about this summer after he dreamt up this superhero theme...and boy did he embrace it at his party. The wine charms were brilliant and perfect for knowing which drink was yours! The cake toppers and table confetti and straw flags were adorable! And of course we had to dress up our water bottles LMP Style. The desserts were out of this world by Making that Cake. TMNT cake pops? EEK! So great. Of course we got balloons to decorate around the room all custom made for our Superheroes by One Stylish Party. These jumbo balloons are the no fail decoration for any party! And of course this party could never happen without the ultimate LMP Dream Team. I mean c'mon are the best. To send everyone home we found the most fitting favors....These decorate your own capes by Kiwi Crate which were PERFECT! Seriously? My kids made sure to get their hands on these before the night was over. It was a party for the books. That's for sure. How will we top this next year? All photos shot by Raquel Langworthy of Raquel Bianca Creative.