Little Miss Party Studio Makeover with BEHR® Paint

This post has been sponsored by Behr Paint Company. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


We party for a living, and our clients count on us for creative solutions in entertaining and event planning. It might seem like we’re always running from event to event, but we spend the majority of our days in the Little Miss Party studio—brainstorming big ideas and figuring out how to bring our dreams to life. Recently, our team had been feeling like our space could use a makeover. It was the perfect time to put our DIY skills to the test, with inspiration from the Behr 2020 Color Trends of course, and BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Interior Paint. Seri knows how important it is to create an inspiring space and creatively stimulating environment so when she told us to go for it, I was so excited and immediately started color scheming! The BEHR 2020 Color Trends made this easy.


As you can see in the before photos, we were reaching a point where the corner storage areas in the main space of our studio were feeling cluttered, dull, and overwhelming. We had so much fun decor and glassware stuffed into these areas, but we started to just ignore them entirely instead of having to dig through the piles. The walls were scratched and in need of serious TLC—which is why BEHR PREMIUM PLUS Interior Paint was perfect. Their selection of colors are a paint & primer in one! 


Instead of the same boring white walls, we knew we wanted to do something more fun that felt like a change. I knew we would be able to pick up all the supplies we needed, including the paint, at our local Home Depot store. I found inspiration for the project by sifting through the Behr 2020 Color Trends. The Behr Color of The Year, Back to Nature S340-4, was the perfect calming soft green. I knew immediately that I wanted to find a way to incorporate it into our makeover while still keeping a bright pop of Little Miss Party pink. What better way to do that than an accent wall?! With an accent wall, I could design it any way I wanted, using as many colors as I wanted. Working with Back to Nature as my primary color focus, I created a geometric design to fit our wall space. I brought in Dusty Lilac N110-1 and Light Drizzle N480-1 from the Behr 2020 Color Trends collection and then a selection of pinks to make it feel like a party! We used Creamy Freesia M130-2, Little Princess P130-3, Little Bow Pink P130-5, and Diva Glam P120-6, and wow does it pop.

First, I created the design using a grid on paper and then sent Natalie to Home Depot to shop for supplies! She was in and out of the paint department in no time, and we were able to get to work. I used my design as a guide and used a pencil to lightly map it out on the wall. This part takes patience (and coffee)! Once we had all our shapes penciled onto the wall, I labeled them with their corresponding paint color and Natalie helped me tape off our first sections.


 And then of course, the fun part. Painting! The main thing to note here is to wait for your paint to dry FULLY between removing your tape and creating new sections. In most cases, Natalie and I would tape off 2 different paint colors that were not bordering each other, paint them, and then wait to remove the tape until the next day. This way, we knew it would be safe to remove the tape and make new sections on top of areas that were freshly done. We also went back in at the end and touched up edges with a small flat edge foam brush to make sure the lines were clean. It was hard work making these shapes look perfect, but we feel reassured that we won’t have to touch these walls again for a long time knowing that BEHR PREMIUM PLUS Interior Paint has an extremely durable finish that will withstand the wear and tear.


We gave our glassware shelf a fresh boost with a coat of Back to Nature S340-4 on the front panel. It helped the shelf seamlessly fit in front of the bold background, bringing new life to this little corner of the studio. Last but not least, we hung up some new artwork I created using leftover paint, featuring our favorite motto against the NYC skyline: Work Hard, Party Harder!


Of course, we had ourselves a little party to celebrate the studio refresh. We’re so in love with our new walls, and this DIY truly made our space reflect Little Miss Party. We came into work this week feeling refreshed and ready to let our creativity flow!