Snacks N' Sips for Halloween

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I think by now you know we love to eat and drink things that are pretty and simple to make. So here's what we've been serving up this month for play dates, cocktail hour and parties. Skewers: You can put pretty much anything on a stick these days. We took yellow grape tomatoes and mozzarella and thread onto short bamboo picks. We lay em' over a bed of basil in a small cast iron pan. Note...these will go FAST. Make a lot. And prep in advance so you have ready to go when you're guests arrive!Witches Brooms: Mini Reese Peanut Butter Cups + pretzel rods = broomsticks! Does it get easier then this? Spiked Cider: The apple cider in our farmers market right now is off the handles good. Thick and delicious. We added some rum and topped with a cinnamon stick for our adult friends to enjoy while the kids play. Cider cups: For the kids we carved apples into cups. Drizzle the cups with lemon juice so they don't brown. Fill with cider or your child's favorite drink and add a stripe-y straw. Trust us...these will be a huge hit with your little ones! Peeps on a stick: Right? Everything goes on a stick! We stuck these into a cube that we spray painted gold, doused in glitter and filled with BBQ corn nuts! Chocolate pretzels: To make these sweet and salty rods you simply need to melt chocolate discs in the microwave in increments of 15-30 seconds, stirring. Do not overcook. Use the back of a spoon to coat your pretzels with chocolate and either add sprinkles or a different colored chocolate drizzle. Lay on wax paper until set. Store in an airtight container until ready to serve. Let your kids set the table: My son loves having his friends over. He especially loves coming up with fun ways to entertain them. I gave him some ideas and supplies and he set the table for each kid with a plate, napkin, chalkboard painted pumpkin to decorate and a bag to take it all home. Take home: If you're serving an assortment of snacks there may be some leftover. For this set out brown paper bags with crafts for the kids to decorate them with. This way they will have a treat bag to bring home a few sweets. What are you cooking up this Halloween? Have any great tips or tricks to share? We'd love to hear!