Making the Holidays easier with Minted


You know what this time of year consists of right? Wrapping, writing and stamping.

I'm an extremely type A, organized (yes OCD) person. So you bet your bottom dollar that my gifts are already wrapped and ready to go. Some years I do however struggle with getting my holiday cards out the door by a reasonable date. And by reasonable - I mean before Christmas.


Since I'm a Jew, this year I wanted the cards out by Hanukkah which started pretty early in December! So I had to get on the stick.

I told Michelle in late October we should do a shoot with our main man Dave Robbins so we could collect some photos of Michelle + I, The Boys and Alexandra. The hardest part about the holiday card for me - is choosing the photos.


While the shoot was a total disaster (thanks to some poor planning on my part) we luckily got some insanely fantastic photos (thanks to Dave).


So...immediately I clicked onto my favorite site for stationary: Minted. Minted has a variety of designs that are so fabulous it's actually hard to choose. Not only are the designs gorgeous but the quality of their stationary is incredible AND you receive your order a few days after you approve it! Check check check and check.


As always, our Little Miss Party cards included a hearty thanks to everyone for the support on the front and a little bit of marketing on the back. It always seems we have something huge to share come holiday time - and this year was perfectly timed with the launch of Little Miss Party in a Box on WOO!


For the family card, I wanted a photo of the kids that was really fun and silly. We tossed confetti up during the shoot and this made for the BEST photos!  I was thrilled. The boys look adorable and the card captioned so well with "Cheers! To the Good Things in Life".


For the family cards I always leave the back of the card blank.  I love to write notes to my family and friends over the holidays. Feels a little more personalized and I know the feeling is great when I receive cards from others with notes written to me.


After several cups of coffee, a ton of cookies and even a few glasses of wine, our holiday cards are in the mail and in the hands of almost everyone by now. There's one week left of work then I'm officially on vacation. It was a GREAT year and I have YOU all to thank. Happy Holidays !


Huge thanks to Minted for our holiday cards this year and to Dave for always taking the most fabulous photos of our family.

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