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Photo Dec 13, 3 52 11 AM

Looking for a chic appetizer to match your New Years Eve Little Miss Party in a Box? This little bite is insanely impressive and super simple!

I made seared tuna with toasted sesame seeds and picked ginger. You can pair this with a crisp slice of cucumber or in a pool of soy sauce. Don't have pickled ginger? No problem! Just chop some scallions on an angle and sprinkle! Voila!

Photo Dec 13, 3 54 15 AM

I paired this with some cold sake in a shot glass. Have a fresh lemon? Squeeze some juice into the mix, it's delish!

Seared tuna with roasted sesame seeds:

3-4 sushi grade tuna steaks (cut into square logs) Toasted sesame seeds Olive oil Pickled ginger (optional garnish) Green onions (optional garnish) Cucumber Soy sauce

Photo Dec 13, 3 53 23 AM

Pour sesame seeds on a plate and press tuna into seeds. Heat olive oil on medium high and sear each side for 10-20 seconds. Let the tuna rest for a few minutes and cut in small pieces. Roughly one half an inch thick. You can display each piece on a slice of cucumber or in a ‎spoon filled with soy sauce. Roll up a piece of pickled ginger and top with green onions.

Enjoy! M xo

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