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My husband and I drove out to the Hamptons to visit LMP NYC and to celebrate the last few quiet months we will have PB (prebaby) We captured photos of a few of the meals that we concocted. Being that ‎summer is in full effect,we were drawn to fresh seasonal ingredients, nothing like a crisp salad in this beautifully hot weather. This dish was inspired ‎by a salad we enjoyed a few nights ago on one of the many dates we took this week. Smashed raspberry salad

Ingredients (all the increments were chosen loosely based on the size of veggies that were at the farmers market)


Arugula 1 head fennel 1 Pint raspberries 1 brick pecorino cheese 1 lemon Salt/pepper to taste 3 tbs Olive oil Directions 1. Thinly slice fennel head, saving the fronds for later. I used a veggie peeler but a mandoline is ideal. 2. Ribbon pecorino with veggie peeler, set aside. 3. Lightly "smash" ‎the raspberries with a fork/spoon. 4. ‎Whisk lemon juice, salt/pepper, olive oil in bowl 5. Assemble arugula on platter/plate, ‎top with fennel/fennel fronds, pecorino & then raspberries ‎6. Drizzle dressing over salad 7. Sit back, enjoy ‎M xo

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