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As you know, American thanksgiving is coming up and that means TURKEY LEFTOVERS! MMmmmmm Tuuurrrkey! I personally love the classic thanksgiving dinner specialties. Gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce...and the tryptophan nap that ensues.


My absolute favorite part of thanksgiving however, aside from getting to see all my American family members here in Toronto is...the leftovers! Coming up with fun ways to include turkey into the next 12 meals is always a great challenge for us.

I came up with this "asian cranberry" turkey sandwich. If you prefer to eat this with no bread, make a salad and use the spread as dressing! Just add spinach or any other seasonal green.

Perfect to take to work the next day!


Asian Cranberry Turkey Sandwich

Focaccia Bread Toasted (or any other, ciabatta for example) 1 Tbsp chopped green onions 5-7 Basil leaves (cilantro would be great here too!) 1 Daikon ribboned (stay away from the coarse core) Couple slices of roast turkey 2 Tbsp Fresh/Frozen Cranberries 2 Tbsp Hoisin 2 tbsp water

1. Toast bread in oven/toaster until crispy, carefully slice in half 2. In a small saucepan on high heat, boil water and cranberries until cranberries start to pop (about 3-4 minutes) lower heat to a simmer and let flavors marry for another 8-10 minutes, keep watch so that it does not burn. Stir liquid periodically. 3. Meanwhile, compile green onions, basil, daikon, and turkey on focaccia 4. Once the cranberries have popped and liquid has thickened remove from heat and spread on sandwich bread 5. Enjoy!


Can't wait to hear all about your leftover adventures.

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