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Shower box on brit and co

Ok, so you're throwing a birthday brunch and you need something quick, easy and super impressive for the guests. This crispy, salty and creamy delight is so easy to make you'll have extra time to sip on your mimosa and put your feet up before the madness begins. You know what would pair perfectly with these bites? Little Miss Party in a Box! Everything you could possibly need in a box, say whaaaa?!


Here is how I made these cucumber nibbles:

Ingredients: Mini English Cucumbers Philadelphia Whipped Chive Cream Cheese Dill Smoked Salmon

Directions: Simply cut the cucumber into bite size rounds, pipe cream cheese onto each cucumber piece. Roll up a small strip of smoked salmon and top with a sprig of dill

Easy peasy and delish!



*The white porcelain appetizer spoons are Mandy's. She bought these at Crate and Barrel for $0.95 a pop. Pick up a dozen for an unexpected look when serving these cucumber rounds OR you can put them on our bamboo spoons included in the box...


You can now find our Party in a Box sold on Brit & Co. We LOVE their shop....LOVE it! Check it out and when you Shop the Box you will receive free shipping on orders over $75!

*All food photography was taken by Mandy Revzen.* All LMP Shower in a Box photos were taken by Brit & Co.