Winter Rosé Sangria with Cranberries

In case you missed it, last week we were featured in CB2 catalog... EEK! We styled a NYE table with some of our favorite items from the CB2 inventory, and our setup was included in their November catalog. Check out how gorgeous this is!

When coming up with a cocktail for this weeks post, I decided to make something that I could style with those same items that we loved so much.  I decided to make a Winter Rosé Sangria to match those stunning cylinder pink champagne flutes that we are obsessed with.

Here's what you will need: -2 bottles of your favorite rosé -1 liter club soda -2/3 cups cranberry juice -cranberries for garnish -large drink dispenser or pitcher (we used our favorite glass beverage dispenser from CB2)

Here's what to do: 1) Add 2 bottles of rosé, club soda and cranberry juice to drink dispenser. 2) Use stirrer to mix together. 3) Add ice. 4) Top with frozen cranberries for garnish.  Save a few cranberries for garnish in your individual glasses. 5) Fill each glass with sangria and use leftover cranberries to garnish each glass.

This sangria is a perfect one to serve at any fall or winter gathering. And for a styling tip, we insist that you get our favorite disco pig, because he makes everything super fun.