Not Your Typical Bachelorette Party


We're sure you've seen how much we love the gals over at Beautini. Well a couple of weeks ago CEO / girl boss, Brittany Lo, reached out to us and asked if we had any tips or ideas on how to throw a Bachelorette Party that was different than what you would typically expect, but still cool and pretty. 

Naturally we thought of the partnership we did last year with DivaDance Company. Their dance classes are fun, a cool way to bond with all the attendees, and relevant, as their routines center around pop songs you can hear on the radio. 


You can choose to have the instructor come to your home or take the class at one of their dance studios. So for this collab we did with Brittany, we set up our Bachelorette Party in a Box right here in our office. We also thought of cost efficient elements to add to our party set up. You can read all of our budget friendly tips, here


We decided to keep the food and drinks simple since we were mostly standing, taking pictures, and moving around. Plus, champagne + cupcakes = the best kind of Bach menu. 

Watch our video below to see how our dance session turned out!

We won't be going pro any time soon, but we had a great time and can't wait to do it again!


Make sure to check out both DivaDance and Beautini for any upcoming nuptials you'll be a part of. 

Happy Bacheloretting!