Showering a new sister


So I am going to start by saying, this post is about 6 months overdue! It's been on my to-do list since then...I think I need to start a new list...

The shower was at a very modern wine bar in Northern Jersey, so the space really did not need much decor. I wanted to bring in a dessert table so guests could mingle around the space, and not feel confined to their tables. We turned to our friends at City Cakes to pull-off this gorgeous display of treats. If you have never tried Chef Benny's creations, run don't walk. They are THAT good. Literally, everyone who takes a bite of his sweets cannot believe what they are tasting. First - the cake. Insane, right? It was so gorgeous that no one wanted to cut it up and eat it!! I found this awesome LOVE topper


I had Chef Benny frost the 4 flavors of cupcakes in different shades of purple, creating an ombre effect on the table. We plated them on thin white trays filled with white and purple jelly beans. Cake stands filled with 1/4 lb chocolate chip cookies anchored each side of the table. I still dream of those cookies! We also had butter cookies dipped in chocolate (Ashley's fave!) and chocolate covered marshmallows on sticks.Favors are lovely at a shower, but let's be honest -- half the time they end up in the garbage. When Ashley's sister suggested cheese balls for the favor, I was skeptical. Cheese balls ?? She explained they were Ashley's absolute favorite snack growing up and that she would LOVE the thought. I decided to fill individual clear candy tubes with the cheese balls and put a custom sticker on each. They turned out great !! Let's just hope the guests didn't get that orange cheese all over their steering wheels on the way home :) It was a lovely day with an amazing group of women. I am so happy to finally call her my SISTER! Love you Ashy !!!