Apple Placecard DIY


Today I set the table for Yom Kippur dinner and wanted to find a cute idea for the place cards. There are only four of us for dinner tonight so I didn't want to go crazy.


Since we went apple picking this weekend and I've got a bottomless bag of apples I thought let's get crafty with a few of them.


Well these turned out to be the EASIEST place cards EVER! Not to mention...super festive for the fall holidays and season?!


So here's how you do it....

Leaf PDF copy copy

What you'll need: * Apples - 1 per guest at your table * Thumbtacks or push pins - 1 per apple * Scissors * Leaf template - don't worry I made you you go!

Print out the leaf template on card stock or kraft paper. I typed in my guest's names right onto the template before printing but you can just as easily hand write the names on after you've printed.

Cut out each leaf and tack it to your apple. Um, that's right. That's it.


Happy Holidays!