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We are pretty psyched to be working with Gather Now. It's a feed of photos, ideas and tips to give you an excuse to get together with your friends. Pretty brilliant right? We had the pleasure of styling a party shoot for them and today...we had music on our mind. We found cardboard letters at our local craft store and sprayed them gold. While wet we hit 'em with gold glitter. Perfect backdrop on our wall. Make your microphones! We filled ice cream cones with brownie batter and baked them off in the oven like a cupcake. Once cooled we slathered them with icing and covered in silver non-perils. For lunch we served High school cafeteria style. Pizza bagels, mac 'n cheese muffins and a tator tot bar with Hidden Valley Ranch, ketchup and mustard to dip. Originally inspired by the series finale of Glee coming this week, we made these delicious grape slushies with cupcakes. Stick a straw with a musical note on it and bam! You've got the perfect dessert for your party! We love a good DIY project so we included our record player cake stand which were so perfectly fitting to our rock 'n roll theme. Last but not least...don't forget to make yourself look all glam. Have you tried the burts bees lip shimmer? Unreal. No seriously. Moisturizing while giving bright, shiny color to your lips! I always carry one in my bag no matter where I'm going. Check out more on the Gather Now Tumbler feed here where you can also click to follow along. More coming soon.....!!

Credits: Ice cream micro-cones:  Baked by Clarelicious Photographs:  Dave Robbins Photography