The Perfect Bloody Mary Bar

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There's nothing I love more then waking up on a Sunday morning, having a cup of coffee and chasing it with a Bloody Mary. Sunday is a day of rest. A day for lounging. Have brunch with friends and family and ENJOY! With all of the entertaining that we do my husband has become quite the Bloody Mary master. But when we're entertaining a crowd we like to set up a bar of fixins for our guests to serve themselves. Some like it spicy, some like it mild, some like lemons, some like limes...let your guests pick their poison. Here's how... Start with a pitcher of a pre-mixed and ready to serve Bloody Mary. Michelle told me about Mr. & Mrs. T. Have you tried this? FABULOUS! need all the's a short list but feel free to go above and beyond here... - Celery salt - Fresh horseradish - Ice - Wedges of lemons and limes - Pickled pearl onions - Pimento stuffed olives - Mini pickles (gherkins if you want to sound fancy) -  Worcestershire Sauce - Hot sauce Now don't forget the obvious....cups, straws and a spoon to stir it all up. We even put some of the garnishes on skewers to make it easier to add to your drink and of course more fun! Happy brunching, friends!