The 2018 LMP Holiday Party


One of my favorite things about LMP is that we are truly a little family. This makes the holiday season even more special.


Since I’ve been at LMP, we’ve picked a day every year where we just spend time together and end the day with a fabulous holiday party where we invite all of our friends, clients, and vendors.


This year we started the day with a delicious lunch at Root & Bone. We enjoyed cocktails, ate chicken & waffles, and each told funny stories about things that happened over the past week (it was a really crazy week so we hadn’t gotten to share them until then).

And of course we ended lunch with a team shot. We are pretty cute if I do say so myself :)


When we got back, we did our annual team gift exchange. Gifting is so much better and easier when you really know the people you are exchanging with!!


Once that was over, we went into party prep mode! Maggie and I had prepped an awesome balloon arch the night before that would wow our guests as they entered our party.


We recently got a fabulous new table for the office which is massive. So we used it to style up a lush buffet table for all of our guests to pick at. It was a delicious charcuterie chips filled with cheeses, dips, jams, fruits, veggies, and some tasty chips that our friends over at Kettle sent us!

Off to the side we set up a simple bar that was filled with all types of liquors, wines, and our favorite cocktail mixer Splash.


And of course we had our Party People cups for our guests to use all night long.


We had the most magical day and I already can’t wait for next year!