The "pop in" spring fling


We're the type of family that really love being around people. Our family, our friends, we live and die for them. So we are always having people over.  Now depending on the time of day that we get those "pop ins" I am always able to whip something up. I keep a very well stocked bar and pantry so I can always pull tricks out of my sleeve....


If we have friends over in the morning, I'll put together a fresh platter of fruit, brew some coffee, pop open some prosecco for mimosas...
If we have friends over in the early evening, I'll put out some cheese and crackers, grapes if I have any and open up a bottle of wine.


Now what I don't want to do when these "pop ins" happen is spend a lot of time cleaning up so I prefer to use paper tableware that I can easily recycle. My current obsession is the assortment we have put together for our Spring Party in a Box. It's the perfect amount of tableware and decor for the pop in guests. Have one on hand and you will be set and prepared.


The "Good Vibes" plates are way too cute and great for cocktail hour. The turquoise pitcher is to die for and great for more than just pouring drinks. I love the using pitchers as a vase for flowers!


Get your hands on our spring party box now and get yourself planning a spring fling or prepare your home for those unexpected guests.