Partying down in Palm Springs with our fave Kid-Ware


While in Palm Springs for the Alt Summit back in February, it wasn't all fun and games. Well it was but, I also scored a great job with Munchkin. My fave kid-ware brand! Which meant I did have some work to do while I was there. Now I'm not complaining about that because my work = partying! So it ain't that bad.


I lived on Munchkin products when my boys were little. They make the best baby and toddler sippy cups, plates, utensils, accessories and necessities for the tub and so much more.

I was given the opportunity to style the dinner that they were hosting for a select group of influencers on the first night of the summit.


When we got word of this job, my team got busy dreaming up how to style this dinner. First, we came up with a place card idea. Munchkin has a stainless steel "Miracle Cup" that is one of their top sellers. Crafty Maggie and Natalie hand made Pom Pom keychains for each cup, clipped together with a white leather heart that had each guest's name on it. At the end of the dinner, the guests could take their cup and keychain home as a personalized favor.


The dinner party was being held at Eight4Nine, a trendy and super cool restaurant in the heart of Palm Springs. The restaurant is white, black and pink. The exact palette we wanted to work with for this event. We had a private room in the restaurant that we got to style with the Munchkin branding in mind. The food and service was out of this world so the night played out perfectly.


To decorate the dinner tables, naturally I tossed confetti all over and I worked with the sweetest guy, VJ at Flower Mart to provide spike-y vases of hot pink flowers. They were so gorgeous I wanted to pack up every vase and bring them back to NYC with me.  VJ also made me white pots of succulents with pink sand to use around the venue giving off a very Palm Springs vibe.

Munchkin also makes a smiley face bowl (totally obsessed, I had to take a few of these for MYSELF) that I filled with jelly beans so you could just see the outline of the face. Couldn't actually deal with how cute these looked on the dinner tables!


It's always nice to have a menu on the plate at a dinner party so your guests know what they are about to eat. Maggie designed a menu that went with our Palm Springs vibe including bright colors and palm leaves.


Since Munchkin has such a large variety of products to offer, they wanted to create an interactive station where their guests could make their own baby or toddler registry. This was so cool! We had a checklist of items that they could choose from and after the event Munchkin was going to put it all together and ship it to each guest.


Munchkin partnered with Day Owl Wines to serve their crisp, fruity rosé wine to the guests. We used Munchkin's signature inflatable bath swan (I used the heck out of these swans when my kids were babies!!) to fill with ice and bottles of the Rosé which looked so darling on the bar that we created.


As a special bonus to the evening, Munchkin invited Rachel Hollis to speak and share stories about the book that she just wrote, Girl Wash your Face. All guests were gifted a bag of Munchkin products and a copy of Rachel's book to take home with them at the end of the night. I had asked my followers recently to recommend a book to read on my March vacation and many of you suggested Rachel's book! I'm excited to read it.

The evening was so fabulous. Great food, amazing company and a beautiful dinner party. I was honored to be a part of this one and look forward to styling many more events for the Munchkin team in the future.


Photos (and had so much fun working with) by: Alexes Lauren Photography