6 Of Our Favorite Ways to Celebrate Passover and Easter


In case you weren't aware, in our office we celebrate both Christian and Jewish holidays. And this year we have two very special days, Passover and Easter, falling on the same weekend. Passover begins tonight and Easter is this Sunday, the 1st of April. 

That's why today we're bringing you some last minute elements that you can add to your Passover or Easter table!



DIY MATZO COVER - This is the perfect way to add a little flair to your Passover table. This DIY is quick, painless, and requires very few supplies. As long as you find beautiful fabric like we did, via Minted, you should be golden. 


KID FRIENDLY COCKTAIL - Passover is a family focused holiday so its great to have a drink that everyone can enjoy. Try making this alcohol free "mock-tail" for any little ones who will be joining you for your seder. Garnish it just like you would any other cocktail, and I'll bet anything they will be super into it. 


MACAROON FAVORS - So apparently a big tradition in Seri's family is that her sister Mandy, aka the "Macaroon Queen", brings a batch to Passover dinner every year. She packages some up as favors for each of the guests, and displays the rest on a cute cake stand for everyone to nibble on throughout the night. I thought this was such a creative idea for a favor, and check out the awesome pink color on those babies! 



CRAFTY EASTER EGGSWhat's Easter without some fun + colorfully decorated eggs?! I can't remember one year that I didn't sit down with my mom and color some eggs to leave for the Easter bunny, when I was a kid. I'm not gonna lie - this can get a little messy but the end result is gorgeous and fool proof, anyone can do it!


LEMON DROP COCKTAIL - The holidays are nothing without some booze and here at LMP we love making cocktails that fit the mood of the season. Thats why this Lemon Drop recipe is perfect for Easter - its light, refreshing, and oh so pretty. Personally, I am a lemon lover so these guys perfect for me. 


BUNNY CUPCAKES - Once your done enjoying your Easter meal, have your guests chow down on these super cute bunny cupcakes. It's a treat that both kids and adults can enjoy and I guarantee you'll get a thousand and one compliments by the time your guests leave because they're so darn cute!


No matter what you celebrate - all of these party tips are fun, easy, and sure to get you in the mood for SPRING!

Happy Passover + Easter everyone!