A 21st Birthday Lunch


This past year, we worked with a very special client who, at only 21 years old, has impressed us beyond words with his accomplishments. Our good friend Max, the founder of The Israel Summit at Harvard, turned 21 this summer, so we took it upon ourselves to (finally) toast his success together. 

Max's enthusiasm for Israel is truly inspiring. He was so excited to tell us all about his summer there, and our decor fit in perfectly with our main topic of conversation. I designed place cards with each of our Hebrew names, using layers of textured black and yellow cardstock. I also used Hebrew on the menu, an added touch that Max loved. Then, we topped his black and white geometric layer cake (made by our friend, Angela, of course) with an Israeli flag. 

We wanted to make sure the vibe of the birthday lunch was manly, sleek, and casual, so we used some black matte plates, buffalo plaid napkins, and our favorite gold cutlery to decorate the table. A simple black bud vase with white flowers did the trick for a fresh summer spin. Then we used Seri's surfboard as a platter for our food and drinks.

We served up 2 specialty cocktails, since this was a 21st birthday. We made fig-thyme-bourbon cocktails and a basil-lemon margarita. Fresh and delicious for a summer day. While we waited for lunch to be ready, we snacked on chips and guac, grapes, and cherries. Seri made us 2 pizzas, a caprese salad, and we even popped champagne!

It was a truly successful birthday celebration. Happy birthday to our friend, Max! We can't wait to see what his future holds.