DIY Chandelier Video


You guys know we are all about DIY party decor- whether it's for ourselves, for our clients, or for the bog, we love to test out new ways to make our own versions of the beautiful decor that's out there in the entertaining world. 

We've found that adding chandeliers to the decor roster has been the big trend of 2018. Once we realized how easy it was to create our own, we couldn't resist the urge to start bringing them to life whenever we could! In fact, we recently made a pom pom chandelier for Cinco De Mayo and a floral chandelier for a garden party, but we figured it was time to make a VIDEO to show you exactly how we do it.

Here are the steps for you to follow throughout the video:

1. measure out 4 feet of ribbon and tie the ends to opposite sides of the hoop, then cut the ribbon in half

2. take a branch of greenery and secure to your hoop with floral wire

3. be sure to secure a spot at both ends of the branch and repeat until the hoop is full, clipping off excess branch as needed

4. clip your floral stems down to about 5 inches and insert in between pieces of greenery where it won’t come loose

5. weave your flowers throughout the hoop, dispersing them evenly

6. tie the ends of the ribbon into a bow and hang from the ceiling using a hook

This just goes to show how a project that is SO simple can make a magnificent impact in any room. Be sure to try it at home, take photos, and tag @littlemissparty on Instagram!


Crafty Maggie

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