DIY Photo Hoop


Around here we're always looking for new and exciting ways to make our events feel personal. 

We had seen versions of this hula hoop DIY on Pinterest so we decided to make it our own, just in time for both our holiday party and an upcoming baby shower for one of Seri's friends.

This Gold Photo Hoop is easy, fun, and a cool way to showcase your favorite photos!

Here's what you'll need:

- 40" Hula Hoop  (A lot of versions will tell you to spray paint a hula hoop, but as they're not in season, we found this gold hoop online! This also prevents worrying about chipped spray paint)
- String
Floral Wire 
Water Tubes 
- Scissors
- Clothes pins
- Flowers and Greenery 


Step 1: Attach greenery using floral wire all along the top of the hoop.


Step 2: Insert your floral stems into the water tubes 

Step 3: Using floral wire, attach your stems in and around your greenery 


Step 4: Tie your string along the side of your hoop and string it to the other side, making 3-4 rows 


Step 5: Attach your photos using clothes pins

Step 6: Attach to the wall! (We used command hooks and a long piece of floral wire to string ours to the wall, but you can also just use a nail.)


Step 7: Enjoy!


Happy crafting and Happy Holidays!



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